St. Clair Special Emergency Services has put their professional skills to work in many real life crises. Two of the major incidents were the Tamaroa Derailment and the Roanoke tornado.
SCSESA sprang into action at the Tamaroa derailment. The train derailed at an over pass above highway 57 in southern Illinois. Seven rail cars were thrown on to the highway below spilling hundreds of tons of coal. Local authorities and teams from all over the state came to the aid in this crisis and SCSESA was one of those teams. Among the team members there were chemical engineers, railroad industry experts, industrial hygienists, and emergency response specialists. The chemical engineers provided technical support for the incident command center, developed contingency plans, and created dispersion models of the vapor emissions. The industry experts were able to bridge the communication gap as well as serve as liaisons. The Industrial Hygienists provided the personal protective equipment, interpreted the results of the field air monitoring and evaluated the air monitoring concerns. The Emergency response specialists were able to use their advanced techniques in hot tap and flaring operations. The flaring operation was used in conjunction with the HAZMAT training to enclose the hazardous materials.
Roanoke Illinois was hit with a devastating tornado that carried winds up to 200 mph and damaging hail. At the heart of the damage was the Parsons Manufacturing plant that was torn down into rubble by the winds and by cars that were being thrown at the plant like bullets. Luckily no employees were hurt because the plant had storm shelters for the employees to take cover in. St. Clair Special Emergencies Service was called to action during this natural disaster to make sure that everyone was ok, no one was missing, and to secure the site for clean up. Volunteers, local authorities, and local companies put in countless hours of work to help clean up and supply families with things such as food water and shelter. SCSESA came with a diverse team that assisted through the whole ordeal.