Workers alternate between classroom and hands-on-training. May use WIOA On-the-Job and Incumbent Worker Training.

Customized Training

Designed to meet a particular needs of an employer. Common types of training includes introduction of new technologies or new production or service procedures that require additional job skills.

Incumbent Worker Training

Can help qualifying companies upskill current workers to make your company more competitive. IWT improves productivity, creates new revenue streams, and improves retention of valued employees.

On-The-Job Training

Helps employers offset costs associated with skills training and loss of production for new hires through partial wage reimbursement.


Trade Readjustment Allowances

There are many ways you can lose your current job: shifting to a new one overseas, issues caused by jobs or products being created elsewhere, and more. If that’s the case, your job search, relocation, training, and other processes can be paid for by Trade Readjustment Allowances. To see if you are qualified, contact or visit the nearest One-Stop Center and talk to our staff.

Rapid Response

The Rapid Response Team is made up of staff from multiple agencies including: the Local Workforce Development Agencies, The Dept. of Commerce, and the Illinois Department of Employment Security, the Illinois Department of Insurance, and potentially others. This Team holds workshops to inform dislocated workers of the benefits and services available to them such as, Unemployment Insurance and Training Options and other assistance to help them move forward after experiencing a layoff.

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