Read the Testimonials of Our Past Job Seekers

WIOA Training Makes A Difference For Family

Amber, a single mother of 3 children, wanted to make a change in her life. During her times of struggle, trying to make ends meet, receiving public assistance and not earning enough wages to support her family, she knew it was time for a change.  Amber’s desire was to become an LPN because she has the passion, empathy, and desire to help others. She felt it would enhance her ability to provide excellent healthcare for patients. She knew she needed to be trained in order to become an LPN, but funding held her back. One day she heard about the WIOA Program and decided to give it a try. Amber reached out to CCSI-Beck School of Nursing, received her Acceptance Letter to the LPN Program and attended WIOA Orientation at Belleville location. During all her trials and tribulations, a Pandemic occurred, the order to Shelter in Place, resulted in Virtual Learning for herself and her children; she had to adjust to the “NEW NORM” along with other issues. She had to rethink and organize her schedule around her children’s schedule, take care of household needs with limited funds, and dedicate time to focus on her own training in order to receive passing grades. She knew that consistency, determination, and setting goals would pay off in the long run. Amber finished all classes with passing grades and successfully completed LPN Training Program at CCSI-Beck School of Nursing. Upon passing the NCLEX exam, she is now a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Amber wants to express her thanks for the opportunity to receive assistance from the WIOA Program, to her Career Planner, Karen Farria and for accomplishing her goal.  She is currently working at Clinton Manor in New Baden, Illinois, she is working full-time and earning enough wages where she can secure substantial employment for herself and children.  Amber is looking forward to a successful future.

WIOA Made Going After Goals A Reality

Michael Ratcliff came into the program in a tough spot, he was about to finish high school and wanted desperately to go to school to further his education but was struggling to find a way to afford the cost. He had a passion for electronics and knew he could make a career out of it, but he also realized he needed additional training to turn his passion into a future career. Michael made the move to enroll at Ranken Technical College and study Electrical Control Systems and bet on himself to find a way to pay for school; he even took up a part time job working retail at Vapor Wise to try and help with the expenses of college but even with working, the cost of school was still too great.

Michael heard about the WIOA program and reached out. You could tell that he was passionate about his field of study but also stressed about the financial burden that a college education can bring. With some of the stress and anxiety alleviated by the WIOA program, Michael excelled in his courses and even graduated Magna Cum Laude. He is also featured on their website for his exceptional work while attending. During his time at Ranken, Michael started an internship with EverGrain, now a subsidiary of Anheuser Busch-InBev, and one of his supervisors had this to say about him “Michael Ratcliff recently joined EverGrain Ingredients, a start-up food manufacturing facility, as a Technician. His ability to address a wide variety of challenges shows the breadth and depth of his education. Michael arrives every day with the belief that results matter while displaying the courage to maintain a safe and inclusive work environment. The operations team chose Michael to conduct multiple trips to our manufacturing facilities in New Jersey. He is contributing to their success while bringing back best practices to our St. Louis facility. He continues to develop his technical and manufacturing skills by training new employees and taking on new assignments in a dynamic business environment.”

Michael has continued to be a model customer by staying in touch during his follow up services, during that time, his Career Planner has watched as his career has blossomed and the company has merged to Anheuser Busch-InBev to open even more opportunities for Michael. He is a hard worker who is an excellent example of what someone can achieve when they chase what they are passionate about.