Workforce Initiatives and Employment Assistance

MAWIB offers an array of services to those who are looking for career opportunities. In addition, we assist the youth who would like to develop their readiness for the job market and find the fields that suit their skills.

Career and Employment Services

Those who are 16 years old and above are entitled to our free career and employment services. Our team can:

  • Assist in job search and placement (including follow-ups)
  • Give access to job listings in the region and the rest of the state
  • Offer a rudimentary assessment of marketable skills and employment needs
  • Provide career assessment services
  • Help in creating resumes
  • Conduct job search workshops
  • Share apprenticeship information
  • Provide veteran services
  • Assist in trade adjustment

Services for the Youth

MAWIB has its own youth council committee that leads initiatives for their age group. Their goal is to foster our future workforce with the following activities:

  • Youth Public Awareness Summit
  • Dropout Prevention/School-to-Career Programs
  • 8th Grade “Welcome to the Real World” Workshops
  • Special Tours of One-Stop Centers for Youth
  • Leveraging funds for youth programs
  • Enabling businesses to partner with academic institutions for youth development and to fulfill future workplace needs
  • Motivating individuals, agencies, and communities to improve the quality of youth services

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