Jumpstart Your Career With Our Training Programs

Gain new skills and improve your chances of getting a new or better job by attending MAWIB’s programs. Through these initiatives, we can talk about your employment needs and address issues that make working difficult. Aside from starting conversations, we offer opportunities that open doors to new careers through our One-Stop Centers. Enroll in these training sessions today.

Hire the Future

Our Hire the Future program is designed for the youth. We welcome those who are between 16 to 22 years old and have a C-grade point average. They must have a good attendance record in finding employment opportunities during the past summer.

Through the program, qualified youths will get a chance to work in various industries and environments. The experience will allow them to choose the professionals that they like best for their future.

Apprenticeship Program

There are many apprenticeship occupations available in the region. To qualify for these positions, you can join one of our programs and build skills for a particular trade. Visit one of our centers today for more details and to learn about eligibility requirements.

On-the-Job Training

Incumbent Worker Training

Rapid Response

The Rapid Response team holds workshops to inform dislocated workers of the benefits and services available to them such as, Unemployment Insurance and Training Options and other assistance to help them move forward after experiencing a layoff.

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Drop by one of our One-Stop Centers for more details about these workforce programs.