January 25, 2022


Mid America Workforce Investment Board –

Systems Development and Oversight Committee


January 25, 2022 @ 10AM

Call Meeting to Order

Public Comment on Agenda

MOA (Methods of Administration) Update

Review & Approve 9/28/21 Meeting Minutes

Southwestern Illinois workNet Center Update

  1. MOU/Cost Allocations
  2. One-Stop Re-Opening/COVID
  3. One-Stop Operator
  4. One-Stop Certification
  5. Service Integration Grant Update
  6. ADA Equipment
  7. Partner Updates

The next MAWIB meeting will be held via Zoom technology on February 10th at 8:30a.m.


Systems Development & Oversight Committee

Meeting Minutes



Attendees:                                                                                                       Staff:

Cristina Fernandez                                                                                          Matt Jones

Ashley Holmes                                                                                                Lee Reese

                                                                                                                        Rick Stubblefield                                                                                            

The meeting was called to order at 10:01AM. 

Having no public comment on the agenda, Matt Jones mentioned that there had been no additional updates to the Methods of Administration (MOA). Next, the September 28th, 2021, meeting minutes were reviewed and briefly discussed.  A motion was made to approve the minutes by Cristina Fernandez, seconded by Ashley Holmes and unanimously approved. The next item on the agenda was the workNet Center Update. Matt reported that the MOU budget discussions will need to start by the latter part of February, after Jill has sent out the preliminary budget from IDES. He also gave everyone a re-cap of the timeline for completing the budget process.  The One-Stop has been reopened to the public on an appointment only basis since September 2nd and Dawn sent updated information on appointment schedules, etc. to be shared with the committee.    Matt also reported that the One-Stop Operator agreement is in place until June 30,2022, but it would need to go out for an RFP this spring.  He also added that the One-Stop Certification process has been completed as much as possible until a final walk-through after all of the centers throughout the state re-open to the public.  He also gave an update on the Service Integration Grant:  The new Resource Room Navigator ended up declining the position and it’s undecided if the position will be re-posted since the grant expires 6/30/22.  However, a marketing intern from SIUE is being funded through the grant and will start soon, focusing on outreach efforts through social media, the new board website and other means. There was additional discussion about the ADA equipment and other items related to the One-Stop.

In closing, each partner gave a brief update on their various agency activities and projects.  Lee Reese updated everyone on various apprenticeship projects and upcoming regional events.  Ashley reported that the DRS staff is mostly remote but working with a few customers in person.  Also, DRS is getting ready to launch a digital outreach campaign, which can connect to the marketing intern and Workforce Development’s outreach efforts.  Cristina mentioned that DHS is a combination of working remotely and in-office at this time. 

Before ending the meeting, Matt reminded the group that the next MAWIB meeting will be held on February 10th @ 8:30AM via Zoom.  He also let the group know that this will be his last meeting and he has enjoyed and appreciated working with the committee.  After additional discussion, the meeting was officially adjourned at 10:21AM.