July 13, 2021


Mid America Workforce Investment Board –

Systems Development and Oversight Committee


July 13, 2021 @ 10AM

Call Meeting to Order

Public Comment on Agenda

MOA (Methods of Administration) Update

Review & Approve 3/23/21 Meeting Minutes

Southwestern Illinois workNet Center Update

  1. MOU/Cost Allocations
  2. One-Stop Re-Opening/COVID
  3. One-Stop Operator
  4. One-Stop Certification
  5. Service Integration Grant Update
  6. ADA Equipment
  7. Partner Updates

The next MAWIB meeting will be held via Zoom technology on July 29, 2021 at 8:30a.m.


Systems Development & Oversight Committee

Meeting Minutes



Attendees:                                                                                                       Staff:

Lisa Atkins                                                                                                       Matt Jones

Shawana Mills                                                                                                 Cindy Layman

Dawn Swift                                                                                         

The meeting was called to order at 10:08AM. 

Having no public comment on the agenda, Matt Jones mentioned that there had been no additional updates to the Methods of Administration (MOA). Before moving on the next agenda item, Lisa Atkins informed the group that she is leaving SWIC effective July 30th and is going to be over Truancy & Mental Health services at the Regional Office of Education. She plans to continue her work with the MAWIB, including the Youth Council, in her new position and everyone thanked Lisa for her great work & offered congratulations on her new position.  Next, the March 23rd, 2021, meeting minutes were reviewed and briefly discussed.  Lisa Atkins made a motion to approve the minutes and it was seconded by Dawn Swift.  The minutes were unanimously approved and the next item on the agenda was the workNet Center Update.  Matt reported that the MOU was due 6/30 and that the entire MOU, budget and signatures has been submitted and a response letter from the state will be forthcoming in the next couple of months.  Dawn Swift updated everyone that the One-Stop reopening discussions are continuing.  In addition, the CMS Security visit was completed a few weeks prior and there is a possibility that the center will have a “soft” reopening (appointment only)in the very near future. Matt also reported that the One-Stop Operator agreement is in place until 2022 and that the One-Stop Certification process is completed until a final walk-through after all of the centers throughout the state re-open to the public.  He also gave an update on the Resource Room Navigator position (Rachelle Perkins), which is funded through the Service Integration Grant and has been extended until March 2022.  There was additional discussion about the ADA equipment and other items related to the new one-stop. 

In closing, each partner gave a brief update on their various agency activities and projects:  Matt and Cindy discussed various apprenticeship and covid grants along with the continuing challenge of recruiting participants for the employment & training opportunities.  Lisa talked about SWIC’s Adult Ed initiatives with Tyson Foods, Focal Point and The Salvation Army.  Shawana Mills stated that DRS is also facing a challenge when it comes to participants & referrals and that the offices are still closed to public.  However, DRS staff can meet with customers at safe neutral sites.  Dawn reiterated that most of the IDES updates were given during the One-Stop reopening conversation.

Before ending the meeting, Matt reminded the group that the next MAWIB meeting will be held on July 29 @ 8:30AM via Zoom.  After additional discussion, the meeting was officially adjourned at 10:38AM.